CLOUDSEC is Back: This Time We’re Taking on AI

by Ross Baker

The threat landscape moves so fast sometimes that just staying on top of current trends can be a full-time job for IT security professionals. That’s where industry events like Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC come in. Now in its fourth year, it offers a platform for leading security practitioners, law enforcers, technical experts, academics and many others to share best practices and anticipate the key trends shaping the future of information security.

This year’s event will be no different. With a tag-line of Freedom to Connect: Man versus Machine there’ll be a special focus on the challenges and opportunities for the industry presented by artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI storm is coming
AI is in many ways merely the latest technology to become caught up in what has been a long-running arms race between the cyber-criminals and the white hats. It offers both sides the opportunity to outwit each other if they use it creatively enough. On the one hand, there are already great strides being made by cybersecurity vendors to use the technology. Trend Micro, for example, has been using machine learning for over a decade to block spam, calculate web reputation and spot malicious social media activity. It’s now a key component of our XGen approach to threat prevention, while AI powers our new Writing Style DNA technology to more accurately spot BEC attacks.

However, the bad guys are also investing heavily. A report out last December revealed that over 90% of IT security professionals fear AI will be used to attack their company. AI could be used to automate the discovery of system vulnerabilities, making the launch of cyber-attacks cheaper and more effective. It could also be tapped to make phishing emails more realistic by learning and then mimicking the writing style and messaging behaviour of corporate users and their contacts.

This year’s CLOUDSEC in September will discuss many of these topics and more, offering the chance for attendees to hear from leading industry experts and network with their peers. Some of the speakers already lined up for the show include: Todd Renner, Assistant Legal Attaché at the FBI London; Europol’s Senior Strategic Analyst, Nicole Samantha Van Der Meulen and Charlie McMurdie, former head of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit and now a Senior Cyber Crime Advisor at PwC. That’s not to mention our own experts including Trend Micro VP of Security Research, Rik Ferguson, Leah MacMillan SVP of Global Marketing and VP of Europe, Frank Schwittay.

There’ll be everything from an audience Q&A session to presentations and panel debates looking to get inside the mind of both the CISO and the cyber-criminal.

After a record attendance at the 2017 event, this year’s show is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. But places are limited so book your spot today to join the debate.

What: CLOUDSEC 2018
When: Tuesday 4 September 2018
Where: Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London



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