Celebrating more industry recognition as the cloud security leader

by Ross Baker

At Trend Micro we’ve spent the past three decades and more honing our threat protection capabilities to make the connected world a more secure place. But we also know that our company can’t work in isolation to make this happen. That’s what makes industry partnerships so crucial — and they don’t come much more important than in the cloud space, where so much business-critical data is stored these days.

That’s why we’re delighted to have just been awarded 2019 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Security. It’s testament to our ongoing leadership in the space and commitment to simplicity and close integration for optimised cloud security.

Security to trust
As we predicted at the end of 2019, the cloud is fast becoming the front line in the battle against online threats. Just do the maths: as more and more businesses migrate workloads and data onto cloud platforms, they’re inviting closer scrutiny from attackers. Unfortunately, a combination of IT complexity, dynamic cloud workloads, skills shortages, and human error is putting these organisations at risk from serious security breaches. 

Data leaks via misconfigured servers, code injection attacks and malicious code and vulnerabilities in third-party code libraries are among the more prominent causes of such threats, but are certainly not the only ones. At risk is hard won corporate reputation, compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and the bottom line.

What firms need in this fast-moving digital-first world is cloud security that can support their business demands for speed, agility and cost savings, whilst mitigating these growing threats. That’s what Trend Micro Cloud One sets out to do, across the hybrid cloud environment.

What we’ve done
To achieve leadership in this space we’ve been working with the top global cloud providers for several years now. Our tight integration with Azure, Google and AWS means seamless security optimised for your environment, whether you’re running just one or a combination of these providers. Increasingly companies are doing the latter, which makes it even more important to have a single trusted security provider that can work across all their environments.

Our recognition with Google follows similar accolades including:

Finalist in Microsoft’s inaugural 20/20 event for visionary security partners

AWS APN Advanced Technology Partner

Number one in worldwide hybrid cloud workload security (IDG)

Fighting complexity
Complexity is often the enemy of effective cybersecurity. So as enterprise cloud infrastructure grows, CISOs need to keep a close eye both on potential coverage gaps and overlaps. Tool sprawl is a serious challenge in the industry, so anything you can do to consolidate will help to unite siloed IT and security teams around a single source of the truth.

With Cloud One we offer protection for: applications; file storage; networks; workloads; and containers; as well as a Conformity module designed to provide crucial automated compliance and security checks. In a market where many security vendors lack the depth of capabilities and integration needed to support enterprise demands, our continued work with Google, Azure, AWS and others keeps us at the forefront of innovation. That’s good for us and our partners, and it’s great for our customers.

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