Building relationships, sharing expertise: another successful Infosecurity Europe for Trend Micro

by Ian Heritage

If you want to understand the state of the current cybersecurity market and the key challenges facing CISOs here and abroad, Infosecurity Europe is a great place to start. That’s where Trend Micro has been for the past three days: another tremendous event for us and the 15,000+ industry professionals who came down to London Olympia.

It was an opportunity not just to share our own expertise with attendees via keynote presentations, but also to reach out to customers, prospects, partners and the wider community.

Security on show
This year’s show was bigger and better than ever, with more than 400 vendors and service providers in attendance. Over recent years we’ve seen an ever-growing roster of cybersecurity companies joining the established players like ourselves. That’s testament to the scale of the cyber threat facing organisations, and the large sums of VC funding being pumped into the industry.

While it’s reassuring on the one hand to see such major interest in cybersecurity, for the IT buyer it can mean a bewildering choice of sometimes over-hyped solutions. It’s hard to spot any company operating today that isn’t promoting their AI capabilities, for example. Beware those promising a ‘silver bullet’ for all your security woes. Only by slotting AI into a layered approach featuring a blend of connected, cross-generational security techniques can organisations hope to maximise protection.

At this year’s event there was the usual blend of technical and strategic presentations. But a unifying theme in the keynote arena was how to manage risk in an increasingly complex world. Complexity is everywhere, from tool bloat to competing compliance requirements, and converging IT-OT networks to rapid digital transformation, which in turn is expanding the corporate attack surface. The impact of such challenges is not just on the bottom line and brand reputation, of course, but could undermine our very society and democratic freedoms, as best-selling author Jamie Bartlett warned attendees.  

It fits neatly with the message we brought to the show via our Art of Cybersecurity campaign: that when done well, cybersecurity can turn this chaos and complexity into something ordered and even beautiful. It’s a message that turned a few heads at the event, but we think more cybersecurity vendors should be looking to and learning from disciplines outside the sector. After all, creativity is at the heart of good cybersecurity.

Building success
Trend Micro experts were also on hand at the show to share their wisdom. Our VP of Infrastructure Strategies, Bill Malik, spoke to a packed-out Tech Talks theatre about the challenges facing organizations in securing smart cities. And Director of our Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) team, Robert McArdle, continued the theme by offering some fascinating insight into strategies utilities firms can take to mitigate critical infrastructure threats.

A constant flow of partners, customers, prospects and other industry contacts made for a busy time for our team on-stand, but also some great discussions — often going into quite some technical detail. That’s the value of Infosecurity Europe. It’s a tough three days, but an invaluable opportunity to meet-up with old friends, cement alliances, and build new relationships.

This is useful, of course, from a commercial point of view. But in an increasingly challenging world, in which the cyber-criminals often have the advantage of surprise and agility, it’s essential that we share best practices and build collaborative efforts across industry. Together we’re stronger than the sum of our parts.

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