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Vishing for Victims: Building Awareness to Beat the Fraudsters

by Ross Dyer

Well that’s the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness over for another year. This curiously American tradition of shopping excess around Thanksgiving weekend has well and truly come to the UK, and with it warnings that online fraudsters are looking to exploit distracted retailers and fraudsters around this period for their own ends. But while it’s obviously important that businesses and their customers stay vigilant to the increased risks of cyber attack, that’s not the only story we should be concerned about this week. Continue reading

Experts Share their Advice on Major New EU Data Protection Rules

by Ross Dyer

Organisations across the UK should be asking themselves “how do I prepare for the coming EU General Data Protection Regulation?” When it is finally enacted, it’ll be one of the most sweeping changes to Europe’s privacy regulations in a generation, and could levy fines as high as €100million or 5% of a company’s global revenue for non-compliance. Yet as Trend Micro research this year has shown, there’s still widespread apathy and ignorance amongst organisations.

That’s why we’ve been a vocal presence in the debate. It was also the driver behind our decision to host a roundtable earlier this month – featuring attendees from politics, business, law, diplomacy and the media, including former GCHQ boss Sir David Omand – to discuss how UK businesses should respond. Continue reading

Is it Time to Revisit Your Online Privacy Policies?

by Ross Dyer

A recent study by Deloitte found that nearly half of Brits don’t read the privacy policies of the websites they visit. No surprises there, you might think. Yet if that stat is true, online businesses are missing out by failing to go beyond a mere tick-box compliance approach to data protection. There are lessons to be learned here; those who take a more proactive stance are likely to find themselves reaping considerable business benefits. Continue reading

Asking the Right Questions for Public Cloud Peace of Mind

by Ross Dyer

March 2014: mark it well in your diaries because it just might come to be regarded as a turning point in the global adoption of public cloud computing services. It was the month when Google and Amazon embarked on a fierce price war, cutting cloud storage costs by almost 70%. Last week Google was at it again, announcing a 47% cut in network egress charges; a 23% drop in Big Query storage prices; a 79% cut in persistent disk snapshot costs; and a 48% reduction in persistent disk SSD charges. Continue reading