Another Win for Deep Discovery: The Only Way to Keep Advanced Threats and Ransomware at Bay

by Bharat Mistry

The hacking of the Democratic National Committee by possible Russian state operatives may have dominated the news cycle over the past week or two. But the reality is that organisations of all size and in every sector are at risk from advanced malware. And there’s certainly no company out there that is completely safe from ransomware. Luckily the tools do exist to mitigate these risks, but how do you cut through the marketing hype to find the right ones?

Well, that’s what testing bodies like NSS Labs are for – to do the hard work so you don’t have to, and we are delighted that Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery Inspector tool has been recommended by the company in its latest Breach Detection Systems test for the third straight year.

Held to ransom
All CISOs should know by now the scale and sophistication of threats facing them today. The biggest challenge is that advanced malware capabilities designed to evade detection by traditional tools are now within the grasp of the majority thanks to the cybercrime underground. These can be difficult to spot: Verizon claimed in its last Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) that in 83% of cases, IT teams take weeks or more to find out they’ve been breached. But the longer hackers are allowed to stay inside the network, the more damage they’ll inflict and the more expensive the resulting clean-up will be.

That’s not to mention the other big threat dominating news headlines this year: ransomware. A huge number of variants have sprung up over the past year or so. The reason? It’s the best way yet cybercriminals have found to make a fast buck. Most victim organisations seem to pay up just to get access back to their mission critical data. But if they had better tools in the first place, many may not be in that difficult position.

Unparalleled visibility
Deep Discovery Inspector achieved a 99.8% detection rate in the latest NSS Labs Breach Detection System test, with extremely low false positives. It offers unparalleled visibility into the network, monitoring all traffic moving through physical and virtual segments, on over 100 protocols and applications across all network ports. What does that mean? It means detecting virtually all malicious activity on your network, from zero day exploits and advanced threats, to ransomware, lateral movement and command and control.

How does it achieve this? Through combining a comprehensive set of detection capabilities: file, web, IP, and mobile app reputation, heuristic analysis, advanced threat scanning, and custom sandbox analysis. The latter is particularly well tuned to precisely match your organisation’s IT set-up – improving detection rates further. Any threat intelligence is correlated with the global cloud-based Smart Protection Network for even more accurate results. And Deep Discovery will pay for itself many times over by sharing threat insight with other Trend Micro and third party products.

If you don’t believe us or NSS Labs, Deep Discovery recently got a 99.5% detection rating from ICSA Labs. To discuss this and other key topics in enterprise security, join us on 6th September at CLOUDSEC in London.

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