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Big in Japan: Our Winning Channel Partners Head to the Far East

By James Munroe

As a committed channel business we’re always looking for new ways to engage and excite our partners, drive new sales and generate pipeline. So it was last year that Trend Micro developed a unique UK partner incentive programme: Go Big in Japan. Tapping into our heritage as a Japanese-headquartered business, the initiative has exceeded all our expectations, generating new customers, and an uptake in partner training and millions in new deals.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part, but especially the lucky 13 winners we announced at a special party in London’s swish Aqua Kyoto bar last week. We’re sending them on the trip of a lifetime to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Going big
Go Big in Japan was a partner incentive programme like no other. Aimed mainly at our managed channel partners, it featured bold, imaginative and fun branding to grab the attention. Floor days at each partner’s site introduced the programme with fun Japanese-themed activities capturing the imagination.

We extended the opportunity to take part out to all levels of sales staff as well as those outside of sales roles within our partner community. They were able to earn points by taking part in/completing specific activities, including:

• Multiple closed deals
• Training and enablement
• Creating proof-of-concept demos with customers
• Creating net new customers for Trend Micro
• Upselling customers from one solution to two, and from two to three
• Going above and beyond for Trend Micro

Heading East
The top points scorers across the community were invited to a special party night last week in Aqua Kyoto. From these, 13 participants won, 10 sales, based on the highest points scored, 2 wild card winners from both Technical and Marketing backgrounds who truly have gone above and beyond and the final place was a draw based win. Congratulations go to:
Tom Jolly & Ollie Lee – Phoenix
Ian Broadbent – SBL
Mark Hughes – SITs
Rob Finney & Megan Horton – Secon
Debbie Allen – Bytes
Conor Riordan, Lewis Wilder & Tyler Furne – Softcat
John Sajjadi – E92
Chyna Vincent – MTI
Nick Carter – ITB

Even better, the programme has exceeded all expectations, enabling Trend Micro to build fantastic relationships with partner organisations, generate greater mindshare and drive new business.

A win-win for the channel
Go Big in Japan generated over £4.6m in closed deals, smashing our target of £1.5m. With 60 of the 90+ sales people who took part closed revenue, with 16 of them exceeding the minimum close amount. The programme gave a boost to partner training, with an increased number of partners taking our Sales Essentials courses. Things are also looking good for the future, with Trend Micro delivering a large number of POCs and gaining 20 new customers via the programme.

We’re delighted with the way things have gone. Go Big in Japan shows what we can achieve with a little imagination and the commitment and determination of a talented group of partners. It’s delivered significant incremental sales to some participating partners while helping Trend Micro cement the relationships which make all the difference when it comes to channel success. We were even awarded Marketing Incentive Campaign of the Year at a year-end sales event by Saepio.

The next challenge will be thinking up something to top this.

Machine Learning: A New Tool in the Fight Against Skills Shortages?

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Driving Cyber Awareness in Education at UCISA Leadership Conference

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Surging mobile threats require a keener enterprise focus in 2019

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