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Securing the NHS: How to Keep Patient Data Safe Ahead of the EU GDPR

by Bharat Mistry

Regulator the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just released new security guidance for medical device manufacturers as part of a major push to improve information security in the healthcare sector there. With its recommendations to follow industry frameworks like NIST, improve information sharing and adopt best practices around vulnerability disclosures, it’s a long overdue and positive step from the agency. So what of the UK’s healthcare sector?

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fast approaching, I’m afraid to say things are still far from where they should be. Healthcare is by a country mile the worst offender when it comes to data security incidents. It’s time that changed. Continue reading

Experts Share their Advice on Major New EU Data Protection Rules

by Ross Dyer

Organisations across the UK should be asking themselves “how do I prepare for the coming EU General Data Protection Regulation?” When it is finally enacted, it’ll be one of the most sweeping changes to Europe’s privacy regulations in a generation, and could levy fines as high as €100million or 5% of a company’s global revenue for non-compliance. Yet as Trend Micro research this year has shown, there’s still widespread apathy and ignorance amongst organisations.

That’s why we’ve been a vocal presence in the debate. It was also the driver behind our decision to host a roundtable earlier this month – featuring attendees from politics, business, law, diplomacy and the media, including former GCHQ boss Sir David Omand – to discuss how UK businesses should respond. Continue reading