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With Ransomware and BEC Soaring, it’s Time to Take Control of Email Security

by Bharat Mistry

Sometimes being right is a double-edged sword when it comes to cybersecurity. Trend Micro predicted late last year that 2016 would be the year of online extortion. And lo and behold, over halfway into 2016, ransomware is breaking all records: we discovered 79 new families in the first six months of this year alone; a 172% year-on-year increase. That’s no comfort, of course, to the countless organisations around the world that have suffered at the hands of the online extortionists. Meanwhile, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams have already netted cybercriminals an estimated $3 billion in profits.

The latest figures from Trend Micro tell us organisations in EMEA are most at risk globally from ransomware. Together with whaling (BEC) attacks, they represent a major challenge for IT security leaders and one that needs to be addressed with urgency. For those looking for some inspiration, the upcoming CLOUDSEC conference in London will offer the perfect opportunity to learn best practice in this space. Continue reading

How to Take Control of the Ransomware Problem

by Simon Edwards

When will we be finally rid of ransomware? I imagine CISOs up and down the land repeat the same question most every day. Because it’s on a near daily basis we hear of yet another new variant causing havoc around the world. Most recently, reports have focused on new strains being offered “as-a-service” for non-technical cybercriminals to disseminate, ensuring the outbreak has now reached epidemic proportions. The truth is that until all organisations start refusing to pay the ransom, and/or get better at security basics, there’ll always be enough profit to keep the black hats interested.

At our CLOUDSEC conference in London next month we’ll be explaining exactly how businesses can take control back from the bad guys and start getting proactive about locking down ransomware risk. Continue reading

Another Win for Deep Discovery: The Only Way to Keep Advanced Threats and Ransomware at Bay

by Bharat Mistry

The hacking of the Democratic National Committee by possible Russian state operatives may have dominated the news cycle over the past week or two. But the reality is that organisations of all size and in every sector are at risk from advanced malware. And there’s certainly no company out there that is completely safe from ransomware. Luckily the tools do exist to mitigate these risks, but how do you cut through the marketing hype to find the right ones?

Well, that’s what testing bodies like NSS Labs are for – to do the hard work so you don’t have to, and we are delighted that Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery Inspector tool has been recommended by the company in its latest Breach Detection Systems test for the third straight year. Continue reading

Teaming Up to Fight Global Cybercrime with Interpol

by Raimund Genes

In the fight against global cybercrime it can be pretty depressing sometimes reading the daily headlines. Whether it’s the discovery of yet another major targeted attack campaign, banking trojan, ransomware family or data breach, most news is bad news. So we’re delighted to be able to strike a blow for the white hats with news that Trend Micro’s collaborative efforts with Interpol and Nigerian officers have reaped a significant reward.

Our work has led to the arrest of a suspected online fraud mastermind behind countless whaling, 419 and romance scams. Continue reading